Magens Beach Wedding

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Magens Beach Wedding


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Magens Beach St Thomas Virgin Islands

getting married at Magens Beach
Magens Beach Wedding
St Thomas Wedding

Virgin Island Wedding
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The St. Thomas island wedding was everything we could have dreamed and more. We arrived at the courthouse and were allowed in promptly, Honey B limo picked us up out front and we had a brief tour of the island before driving to Magen's Bay. Our minister and photographer greeted us when we arrived and had already done a spectacular job of setting everything up...and what a breathtaking view. This was easily one of the most beautiful beaches either of us have ever seen.

The weather in the morning was ideal, and our ceremony a perfect fit for our love and devotion to each other. After the champagne toast and dancing we finished with a few more photos and were whisked away in our limo to the overlook at the top of the island.

Thank you all for a perfect wedding day,
Elmer and Heather Heiland
married Magens Bay

Magens Beach Wedding
3 very handsome marines at Magens Beach St. Thomas Virgin Islands Wedding
Magens Beach St Thomas Wedding
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magens beach wedding
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I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank island wedding services for completing our ceremony last Friday. Our minister was great. She was fun, always smiled and had a lot of energy. Our ceremony was small and stress-free which is exactly what we were shooting for. Megan’s Bay Beach was beautiful on our wedding day, we couldn’t have asked for better weather or better circumstances to have it. The beach was not crowded at all and the sun was warm and bright.Thank you again for all of your help, patience and understanding in making our wedding exactly what we wanted it to be. Best of Luck to you and many thanks!

Tim A. Stickler

Our wedding was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! how can we ever thank you??
Our minister was so cool, the photographer was so much fun to work with- and the beach was AMAZING!
We went to Magens Bay Beach. We can't believe we actually returned from there and didn't stay for eternity!
Thanks for all of your help! see you when we renew! :)


Cherina and Josh
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